Pony Racing



Organised in conjunction with the local branch of the Pony Club, pony racing has proved a popular addition to the Jersey Race Club’s calendar

This will be the third consecutive year that it has featured at Les Landes with races due to be included at two meetings this year rather than just the one. These will be on 21 April and 27 May with sections for ponies up to 128 cm and up to 148 cm.

On the mainland, pony racing is well established and a major attraction gathering as much support as any other equestrian discipline. Held at courses throughout Britain, it is staged by three different organisations, including the Pony Club, offering both flat and point-to-point races.

Those competing in Pony Club events have to be aged between 10 and 16 and their ponies have to be no more than 148cm in height.

In the short time it has been on offer in the Island, Pony racing has generated a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. Two local lads, Timmy Clark and Josh Baudains are now making their mark as apprentice jockeys in the UK and Tom Marett, winner of the 148cm race last season, joined a racing school last winter and also aims to pursue a career in racing.

As a Pony Club committee member, local racehorse trainer, Alyson Malzard has been the driving force for getting pony racing off the ground in Jersey, taking up the much appreciated invitation from the Jersey Race Club. This has seen the youngsters going through the same process as the adult jockeys including wearing silks, parading and weighing-in, although this isn’t applicable in their races.

Alyson has also been training members and says that it has been an opportunity for them to learn balance and rhythm as well as giving them a taste for racing. This includes her own daughter Victoria who has been a keen participant from the start, gaining wins during the 2011 and 2012 seasons on her 128cm pony Woody To You.

Along with the Race Club, pony riders will be keeping their fingers crossed for sunny and dry weather this year as their 2012 races were held on one of the wettest afternoons of the year. ‘ It started raining about an hour before the first pony race and never stopped!, Alyson commented. ‘Although drenched to the skin, all the youngsters had a fantastic time showing grit and determination to race in such atrocious conditions.’

‘This year there are several new pony and rider combinations so spectators should be treated to some exciting racing.’

For Further information please see the Pony Club Website:  http://branches.pcuk.org/jerseydrag/




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