Board Members and Officials

Honorary President:
Mrs E Roberts

Jim Cantle

Vice Chair:
Michele Hunter

Anthony Taylor

Board Members:
Dexter Flynn, Simon Harrison-White, Myles Cummins, Melanie Le Cornu

Club Officials:

Clerk of the Course: Glyn Mitchell

Secretary: Andy Cadoret

Starters: Mattie Batchelor, Steve Francis, Colin McCready, Sophie Oliveira

Judges: Josephine Reed

Clerk of the Scales: Karen Dufty

Assistant Clerk of the Scales: Manny Oliveira

Medical Officers: Dr L Free, Dr G Robertson

Technician: Peter Binfield

Farrier: Tom Marett

Commentator: Derek ‘Tommo’ Thompson

Announcer: Bob De La Haye

Parade Ring Stewards: Wally Garrett, Christine Holley

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